7 Artists That Must Be In Your Spring 2014 Playlist

April 9, 2014

Advice, Cool

It is spring break and most likely you are spending your vacation with your friends on the other side of the country. But for many who stay at home and get a part-time job like mowing services at http://www.puremowers.com/, Spring can be very boring. However, there are things you can do to make your Spring break more exciting. One is by updating your playlist so that you can listen to great songs while you are doing your task. In this post, we will talk about the artists you can follow during your spring break.

  • Chance the Rapper. For fans of Kanye West and hip-hop music, you might find Chancellor Bennett a great addition to your Spring playlist.
  • Diane Birch. Try getting her Speak a Little Louder album and be amazed by Diane’s voice which sounds like that of Stevie Nicks. Her songs are mostly soulful but rebellious at the same time.
  • Kelela. Also known as Solange Knowles, you need her songs on your playlists because believe me or not you will need some R&B while you are mowing someone else’s lawn or yard.
  • Drowners. If you want some retro vibe during your Spring break, then might as well try listening to the band Drowners. Their music is very playful and comes with a garage-rock sensibility.
  • Caitlin Rose. More than just a country singer, Caitlin’s songs come with an indie rocker’s vibe which makes them unique. Plus, many of her songs are written with the help of her mother, Liz Rose, who wrote dozens of hit songs for Taylor Swift.
  • Banks. Listening to Banks’ music this Spring can give you so much inspiration. Her vocals shift from fragile to powerful at some of her songs making her an ultimate breakout artist during this Spring season. Plus, she has a really approachable persona – she posted her number on her Facebook page just so eager fans can contact her if they want to.

Mausi. Their songs can make you dance because of its disco touch. Thus, adding their music to your Spring playlist is a good move especially if you are looking for something that can keep you up from a boring mowing job.