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Caring for Your Voice

April 13, 2014

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Our voices are as unique as our fingerprints. That’s why it is important to take care of it. Professional singers, on the other hand, are making a living with their voices. So they have to take great care of their source of living. For example, they avoid eating too much of dairy products, drink a lot of water, avoid alcohol, and other caffeinated drinks, and lastly, they try not to smoke.

Dairy products are harder to digest and as a result the body will produce more mucus. This mucus enters the vocal chords and can negatively affect a singer’s voice. The extra phlegm will irritate the throat causing the singer to cough and sneeze – which can cause trauma to the vocal cords, too. In fact, singers are usually commanded to swallow their phlegm rather than to clear their throats.

A professional singer should drink more than eight glasses of water everyday. (More than the average water intake of a non-singer) She should not drink hot water. Hot water causes the blood vessels in the throat to swell, which will negatively affect her vocal chords. In the same way singers should avoid cold water as well. When a singer drinks cold water, blood vessels contract and the throat becomes dry. Lukewarm is the most appropriate water temperature for the singers. It is extremely important to intake clean water whether you are a singer or not.

It’s vital that a singer drinks plenty of water. Drinking a lot of water keeps the body hydrated and the vocal cords lubricated. These lessen the amount of friction in a singer’s vocal cords and ward it off from inflammation. How can we tell if we are drinking enough water? Just follow the professional advice to “pee pale”. Check your urine;

  • If it’s pale yellow, congratulations! You are well hydrated
  • If it’s dark yellow and concentrated, it’s time to reach for the water bottle.

Steaming or breathing humidified air also rehydrates the vocal cords from the outside. It can be useful for singers if their throat feels tired or sore after a performance, when they have been doing a lot of singing. (Especially during concerts, they automatically breathe through their mouth and that dries out the vocal cords.)

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7 Artists That Must Be In Your Spring 2014 Playlist

April 9, 2014

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It is spring break and most likely you are spending your vacation with your friends on the other side of the country. But for many who stay at home and get a part-time job like mowing services at, Spring can be very boring. However, there are things you can do to make your Spring break more exciting. One is by updating your playlist so that you can listen to great songs while you are doing your task. In this post, we will talk about the artists you can follow during your spring break.

  • Chance the Rapper. For fans of Kanye West and hip-hop music, you might find Chancellor Bennett a great addition to your Spring playlist.
  • Diane Birch. Try getting her Speak a Little Louder album and be amazed by Diane’s voice which sounds like that of Stevie Nicks. Her songs are mostly soulful but rebellious at the same time.
  • Kelela. Also known as Solange Knowles, you need her songs on your playlists because believe me or not you will need some R&B while you are mowing someone else’s lawn or yard.
  • Drowners. If you want some retro vibe during your Spring break, then might as well try listening to the band Drowners. Their music is very playful and comes with a garage-rock sensibility.
  • Caitlin Rose. More than just a country singer, Caitlin’s songs come with an indie rocker’s vibe which makes them unique. Plus, many of her songs are written with the help of her mother, Liz Rose, who wrote dozens of hit songs for Taylor Swift.
  • Banks. Listening to Banks’ music this Spring can give you so much inspiration. Her vocals shift from fragile to powerful at some of her songs making her an ultimate breakout artist during this Spring season. Plus, she has a really approachable persona – she posted her number on her Facebook page just so eager fans can contact her if they want to.

Mausi. Their songs can make you dance because of its disco touch. Thus, adding their music to your Spring playlist is a good move especially if you are looking for something that can keep you up from a boring mowing job.

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Singing to Your Baby Has Lots of Benefits

March 2, 2014

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When you try to keep your baby calm and stop crying, you will most likely resort to singing. In a way, this helps in keeping your baby quiet. Therefore, whether you have a good voice or not, you try your best to sing any song just to stop your baby from crying. The truth is that babies receive a lot more benefits when you sing to them instead of rocking them when they cry.

According to a study conducted by Hungarian and Dutch researchers, it was revealed that babies have innate skills to detect the differences amongst the rhythm being played to them. They did the study by measuring the brainwaves and brain activities of the babies when they listen to a song. This only means that at such an age, they already know the difference between usual spoken words and melodies of a song.

Hidden Benefits of Singing to Babies

Aside from making babies feel entertained or relaxed, singing to them may also lead to the following:

  • Advanced language learning. There were some studies conducted that have proven that infant can learn their first language faster when they listen to music at an early age. They can easily pick up the lyrics in the song and eventually use the words they have recalled to speak an intelligible language.
  • Avoidance of speech deficiencies. Babies who are not exposed to languages or words at an early age could possibly end up with delayed speech development. For some, it could even lead to speech defects and disorders. However, when babies are accustomed to music, the possibility of speech disorder is very low.
  • Better parent-children relationship. When parents sing to their babies frequently, they form a strong bond at an early age. This makes the baby more trusting to the environment. As the baby grows older, he or she becomes more attached to the parents. Of course, this helps a lot especially in raising kids who will eventually want doing things their way.
  • Lower mortality rate. Studies have also revealed that music sets the mood of the infant. When the infant feels relaxed, feeding and sleeping becomes a regular cycle. There won’t be any problem in doing these important things. As a result, growth and development will take place.

How to Sing to Infants

If you already believe in the power of songs to the development of your baby, then don’t hesitate to try it out. Whether you have a great voice or not, it does not really matter. The most important thing is that your baby can listen to certain melodies and be familiar with some words through the lyrics. It is a big no though to place headsets on your baby’s ears. They are so sensitive and could potentially damage their sense of hearing.

As early as the 25th week of pregnancy, it is advised to start singing to the infant inside the womb. This must go on until they have already been born. In fact, some babies grew up to be great singers simply because they have been constantly exposed to songs and melodies.

It won’t hurt you to give this technique a try.

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Secret Formula in Writing a Hit Single

March 2, 2014

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The music industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. If you are an aspiring musician, you definitely want a bite in this large pie. However, not all musicians succeed in making a name in the business. There are those who tried out for years, but still remained anonymous. There are others who are lucky enough to have made a one-hit wonder and have become a millionaire overnight. In short, if you wish to succeed in the music industry, you need a hit single. You need to produce something that will stimulate the hearts and souls of the listeners. All you need is one song, and it will take you from there.

When you wonder what the formula in writing a hit single is, the truth is that there is really no single proven theory. There is no song that appeals to all people. You ask 5 different people about their preferred genre and particular song, and you will get 5 different answers. However, there are some things that you can do in order to produce something that could be a potential hit.

  1. Don’t force yourself to write a song even if you are not in the mood to do so. Writing a song is not a task that you can just do right away. You need an inspiration to get things done. You might be able to think of the best lyrics while driving. You might be seated on a park and suddenly, words pop out of your mind. Just make sure that you bring something to write on all the time. By then, you can easily put into writing what has magically come out of your thoughts.
  2. Don’t think about making a hit. This is where pressure comes in. Some musicians try too hard to please many people. They really want to create the lyrics and melody of the song based on what they think will be a major hit. As a result, the song sounds too forced. If you want to make something great, just write it from the heart. All you need to do is to touch the soul of your listeners and entice them with inspiring words.
  3. Pick out the best line from the words you have compiled and make it as your main chorus. Try to feel all the words that you have written. For sure, a line or two will stand out. The said part has a strong impact on your that you simply cannot describe. If it hits you in an unexplainable way, it could also have the same effects to other people.
  4. Stay open and be positive. Even when you are in other fields, nothing comes in just a blink of an eye. Things have to be practiced over and over again until perfection is achieved. Just don’t feel discouraged when what you have previously written did not become a hit. Soon, you will be able to create one that can really capture your audience’s attention.

When music is your passion, you will surely find a way to create a huge hit in no time. However, if you do things with money and stardom as your inspiration, then you will definitely not achieve your goal.

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