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Tips on Hiring a Live Band for Your Event

November 5, 2016

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live-musicWithout a doubt, musical entertainment can add a lot of fun in an event, that’s why many hosts choose to hire bands for live entertainment. Guests can enjoy live music, crowd interaction and that personal touch especially if the performers accept song requests. Before hiring a live band, consider these tips to make a wise choice.

Consider recommendations

Cover bands might be different from your favorite band, so look for a versatile band that will make your event successful. Start by getting recommendations other event planners. These people might have hired bands and they are more likely to experience dealing with performers. They can tell you which cover band is suitable for your function. If some of your friends have hired bands before, you can also ask them for recommendations.

Check online

You can find almost anything online, including cover bands that offer their services for various functions. If there are reviews, read them and check out individual sites if there are any. Watch their video samples or visit their social media pages for feedback.

Contact the band

Once you have made a shortlist of the bands you are considering for your event, contact some of them. Send an email and see how they respond. Do they respond well? Do they provide complete information? These are good indications of their professionalism, giving you an idea of which band may work best for you. Speak with the manager, agent or bandleader and ask their availability or whether they have performed at a function similar to yours.

Watch them in action

Know their schedule and do your best to watch them play beforehand. Many professional Australian cover bands are booked throughout the year, so there are plenty of opportunities for you to watch them. If they have many bookings, that could be a good indication that they play well.

Talk about special songs

If you are holding an event for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, birthday, wedding or any other occasion, it is best to be vocal about song choices. Be honest with the band that you want them to include special songs on the repertoire, because that is probably the reason why you hired their service in the first place. Make sure to discuss the theme of the party with the band manager or leader.

Check the pricing

The number of band members and their experience may influence the price of hiring a band. Their prices may vary, but you can ask event planners so you can have an idea. Make sure to talk about it first before booking the band.

Whether you are looking for Adelaide cover bands or anywhere else in the country, their professionalism is as important as their talent. Gather as much information as you can about them if you don’t want your party to fail. Make sure to communicate easily with the leader and ask them for former clients or references. This should help you decide easily if it is best to book this band or not.

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Bruno Mars Performs in Manila

May 15, 2014

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bm1Bruno Mars is currently on tour, promoting his latest album ‘Moonshine Jungle’. The tour will have him performing in Asia, specifically in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Taipei, South Korea, and Japan. Tickets are all sold out in Singapore, HongKong, Korea, and Japan. Other concert tour details may be seen here:

The Thailand and Philippine schedules were already fulfilled. In Thailand, Bruno was seen exploring shops and local food places. Mars was all out in trying native delicacies. The concert in Manila was also a huge success. Filipinos know Bruno is half-Fil, born to a full-Filipino blooded mother, Bernadette Hernandez. Filipinos love Bruno Mars so much because he is a ‘kababayan’ (countryman) and he is undeniably a gifted musical artist.

For the concert in Manila, Bruno sang sixteen songs during his set. Filipinos enjoyed every performance, and was supportive of Bruno’s every rendition. The venue at Mall of Asia Arena was filled; it was already standing room only. Tickets have actually sold out weeks ago but Filipinos kept buying even though it meant standing the whole night. Well, everyone was up on its feet anyway. It’s hard to sit down with such energetic and emotionally packed performances from Bruno and his crew.

Bruno covered the following songs: ‘Just the Way You Are’, ‘MoonShine’, ‘Natalie’, ‘Treasure’. ‘Billionaire’ (mash-up), ‘Money (That’s What I Want)’. He showcased his Motown and R&B style with a mash-up of ‘Candy Rain’ (by Soul for Real) and ‘Pony’ (by Ginuwine) with ‘Our First Time’ (his song from album ‘Doo-Woops & Hooligans’).

He also rendered his original version of ‘Marry You’ and even said ’Hey Manila, I think I wanna marry you! Filo fans in the audience of course were very much delighted. He invited the crowd to sing with him, acknowledging that Filipinos are known for being singers and karaoke singers.

It was clear that night that Bruno Mars is a special music idol favorite in the Philippines. Bruno Mars also states that performing in the Philippines is special for him. His roots are Filipino and performing in front of ‘his own’ makes his renditions more special and deeper in meaning.

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Facts about Heroin

April 26, 2014

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Heroin is a highly addictive substance normally smoked, snorted, or injected. It comes by various names: Big H, Brown Sugar, Hell Dust, Nose Drops, and Skag. Once taken in, the substance enters the human brain at a very quick pace. The effect is a slowing down of thought and reaction patterns. Decision-making ability is impaired. Memory loss is a common side effect.

Heroin is a high cause of drug abuse deaths. Users often resort to crime and violence. Other effects of heroin are nausea, some vomiting. Heart functioning slows down, as well as the breathing, in instances these two effects cause death. The user may become oblivious to pain. Pregnant females can suffer from a sudden abortion.

Injecting heroin increases the risk for contracting Hepatitis, AIDS, and other diseases brought about by the use of infected needles. Once contracted, the sufferer may pass on the disease to a sexual partner and to his or her newborn.

Kurt Cobain was a user, taking heroin for stomach pains. He often had sessions together with Courtney Love, feeding each other’s addictions. Both have overdosed on numerous occasions. Kurt turned suicidal, eventually dying from a gunshot wound. Love continued with the addiction.

Nikki Sixx also overdosed on numerous occasions, declared legally dead in some instance, for at least two minutes. He was revived via 2 adrenaline shots onto the heart. A song “Kickstart to the Heart” was a by-product of this experience. Nikki is a bassist for metal bands. He later wrote an autobiography about his addictive ways.

John Frusciante, a talented member of Red Hot Chili Peppers, was a user. He was outed by band mates because of his addiction, after which, he played guitar for others. John died from the addiction. Keith Richards was uncontrollable. Attempts to have him rehabilitated were to no avail. His career suffered major loss because of this addiction. Sid Vicious was a bassist for Sex Pistols. He also had sessions with his girlfriend, Nancy. In one instance, He stabbed Nancy while under the influence. She died from the incident, and Vicious later committed suicide via heroin overdose.

Heroin use is very dangerous. Commit your loved one to therapy now. See for more help.

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Musicians Raised by Single Parents

April 26, 2014

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Something that keeps a single mother’s morale up is the fact when kids being raised by single parents succeed in life. Here are some of the successful music artists who was raised solely either by their mother or father.

  • Mariah Carey — had little contact with her father ever since her parents’ divorced when she was three.
  • Eric Clapton — he never knew his real father. He grew up knowing that his grandparents were his real parents and his mother is his sister.
  • Enrique Iglesias — he was raised by his nanny, Elvira Olivarez
  • Mary J. Blige — was left by her father when she was four
  • Alicia Keys — grew up without a father.
  • John Lennon — grew up without a father and lost his mother at the age of seventeen.
  • Marilyn Monroe — also grew up without a father.
  • Tulisa Contostavlos —  her musician parents split up when she was nine.
  • Kelly Rowland — her mother left her alcoholic father.
  • Barbra Streisand — lost her father when she was two, her mother struggling to make ends meet in 1940s New York.
  • Christina Aguilera — her parents split up when she was seven and she lived with her mother and sister at her grandmother’s house in Pennsylvania.
  • Alicia Keys — was raised solely by her mother in the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York.
  • Ashley Walters — was raised by his mother in Peckham, London.
  • Madonna — lost her mother with breast cancer and her father raised them in Bay City, Michigan, on his own.
  • Jarvis Cocker was raised up in Sheffield by his mother from the age of seven after his father left them and moved to Sydney, losing all contact with his son.
  • Justin Bieber — her mother had him by 17, raised him as a single mother in low-income housing.
  • Selena Gomez– her parents got divorced, her mother was working hard to provide a better life for her.
  • Costadinos Contostavlos — Dappy’s farther died when he was a teen before he got into music

Raising up a child is a hard job, even harder when you have to do it on your own. Single parents needs a hand from their families, friends, and the community to help them live a simpler life. If you’re a single mom and needs assistance, go to  to help you start with.

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Imagine Dragons is Into Sports!

April 16, 2014

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Imagine Dragons is an alternative rock band recently entering the public music scene in 2012 with its first official release of the album ‘Night Visions’. With the release of the group’s debut album came continual success, singles were topping the charts and Imagine Dragons and their song titles have started becoming a common household topic, most especially among teens.

rock-bandIn less than three years, the band has risen to the ranks of big-time pop rock bands. On radio, they dominate the Top 40 rankings, live appearances were being scheduled on air and in various festival and tour circuits. Indeed, band members have proven that they do belong to the music world. From the time ‘Night Visions’ came out, life has never been the same for the quartet. Engagements left and right occupy them, in fact, the group has been on tour from last year. If you haven’t watched them in concert yet, check for a date and venue near you.

It’s interesting that besides talk of music, group members can talk sports as well. Imagine Dragons talks with recently and stuff about sports came out. Daniel Platzman, drummer for the band, confesses that he is a fan of Steph Curry, the player for Golden State Warriors. Daniel thinks if there is a song of theirs that fits Steph and the team, it would be ‘Underdog’. He is mesmerized with how Steph plays and with how he can navigate through blockages and land a sure shot.

NBA talks would always include LeBron James, he is a bona fide icon in the world of basketball. Imagine Dragons were happy and honored to hear that LeBron’s pre-game prep is to listen to the band’s hit song ‘Radioactive’. “That was really cool. Im a big fan of LeBron”, Dan comments, mentioning that he and his high school buddies watched LeBron’s documentary back then.

Wayne Sermon, the band’s guitarist, also talked about baseball, about loving the sport, and about how he roots for the Cubs to someday win the World Series. Wayne recalled how the band was given the first pitch of the game last year at Chicago’s Cubs, Wrigley Field. ‘It was exciting, it was a near disaster, but it went okay’, he said.

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Shakira and Blake Shelton Delivers Duet in ‘Medicine’

April 10, 2014

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shakira1Columbian singer Shakira has had busy months, and this week has been even more busy. She has released her current album, self-titled, on March 25.  She has been coming out on TV shows to give interviews and do some promotion. Well, she definitely won’t find it hard to sell her latest album as she is widely recognized as a great artist.

She surely will gain more country music fans with this album and for sure, a lot of them will purchase a copy. Country music superstar Blake Shelton does a duet with her in one of the tracks. ‘Medicine’ is a collaboration between the two artists. Shakira will contend that co-judging in the TV reality show ‘The Voice’ is not their only common ground, Shakira points out that her music has touches of country in it, this recent song just shows it even more.

Shakira admits that she was nervous about requesting Blake Shelton to do a song with her. She was very anxious about what he would think, that’s why it was a big relief for her to hear Blake say that he liked the tune. The song was co-written by Shakira with Mark Bright and Hillary Lindsey, both from Nashville.

The pop star, who first met Shelton when she served as a judge on Season 4 of ‘The Voice,’ admits she was anxious sending the country music superstar a song she wrote, but thankfully, he was thrilled with the country-pop tune.

Shelton was really happy with the song, he says he is proud of their collaboration, very happy with the final product. Blake believes it’s going to be a hit. With the two artists performing the song, that’s not far from happening. Shakira herself has won numerous awards; to her name would be two Grammies, eight Latin Grammies, 5 MTV awards, 8 Billboard Latin Music awards, and many others. She has sold over 125 million records worldwide.

Blake Shelton is known to come out with chart topping hit songs. Many of his albums are certified gold. He is a 4-time ACM Awardee and a 5-time Grammy Nominee. Catch Blake Shelton live in concert. Check out for more details.

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Concert in the Grass

April 8, 2014

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Avid fans of music or musicians themselves would want to keep themselves occupied especially during the school vacations. Organizing a local concert is one thing that would both quench their thirst for music as well as be an income generating activity for them. Parks as a location is a very inexpensive venue to host these concerts and they are not difficult to manage.

Ask Permission

Always remember to ask permission from your local government to allow you to have concert in the park. Submit a very convincing written letter to them stating your purpose and how the community would benefit from this activity. Follow it up every now and then since these people have too much on their plates.

Invite Artists

Of course, for it to be a success you have to invite indie artists who are willing to play for free or just a small amount as long as their band would get recognition. The school is one place to look for them since most of them are just garage bands and would like to play for a crowd. You can also invite relatively famous bands from other places through social media and word of mouth.

Test the Waters

Before you charge your customers, organize a one free session on a Saturday night. Make sure that it is well advertised and the concept would be just free-flow with people coming and going, some picnicking on the grass. This is for people to know how good it is to go outside with family and friends and listen to evening music.

Have a Bit of Everything

For the song selection, make it a relaxing time for your audience. Make sure that you have songs for the younger generations as well as the older ones. Do not overflow them with all metal or all rap songs as this will be an avenue for them to bond and you would want them to come back.

Other Resources

Aside from the concert itself, you can have friends sell stuff on booths and income generating activity. For your potty needs, you can access for information on how to setup your toilet, you can also use this as another fund raiser by asking for minimum payment when people need to use it.

If you see that people enjoy the music, the company and environment, start charging them the bare minimum just so you could cover your expenses.

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Personalize Your Home Recording Studio

April 7, 2014

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As an artist you want everything that surrounds you to be statements of your brand of art. Musicians have a world of symphonies inside them that needs the right environment to be channeled. Just look at Googleplex; the work environment is conducive to out-of-the-box thinking and therefore can lead to innovative ideas.

Here are some tips you can keep in mind in designing your home recording studio to the best it can be:

Stay True to Your Personality

If you are a metal head you won’t place cute little pink cushions at the corner of your room. If you’re into classic music you won’t hang Justin Bieber posters on your wall. This is not to be stereotypical; the point is your studio should say a lot about your personality. This can inspire you with more ideas and get you into that zone of limitless musical genius. Perhaps you can hang an artwork that inspires you or a portrait of an artist that most motivate you.

Combine Functionality with Aesthetics

So you purchased studio equipment like monitors, MIDI controllers, headphones, microphones, cables, etc. Assemble these equipment in a convenient and aesthetically-pleasing way. Place them in strategic locations that will allow you to move around easily while keeping it all organized. Maybe you can get a table with a bit of character or use acoustic treatments that will also function as designs.

Details are Everything

Even the littlest details can make the difference. Those wood furniture legs  or wall hangings can set the mood of your studio. Choose carefully the accents you put in your room like the color and design of wall painting, chair, table, shelves, cornerfill cubes, and even the carpet.

Go for the Cheap

Setting up a home studio can be a royal pain in the pocket, but by luck you can get cheap deals for tables, chairs and other whatnots if you know where to look. You can get a nice, comfortable work table for under $100 in eBay and other discount stores. Look out for sales and secondhand stores. Or, even better, you can just reuse some of your existing furniture.

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