Concert in the Grass

April 8, 2014

Entertainment, Music

Avid fans of music or musicians themselves would want to keep themselves occupied especially during the school vacations. Organizing a local concert is one thing that would both quench their thirst for music as well as be an income generating activity for them. Parks as a location is a very inexpensive venue to host these concerts and they are not difficult to manage.

Ask Permission

Always remember to ask permission from your local government to allow you to have concert in the park. Submit a very convincing written letter to them stating your purpose and how the community would benefit from this activity. Follow it up every now and then since these people have too much on their plates.

Invite Artists

Of course, for it to be a success you have to invite indie artists who are willing to play for free or just a small amount as long as their band would get recognition. The school is one place to look for them since most of them are just garage bands and would like to play for a crowd. You can also invite relatively famous bands from other places through social media and word of mouth.

Test the Waters

Before you charge your customers, organize a one free session on a Saturday night. Make sure that it is well advertised and the concept would be just free-flow with people coming and going, some picnicking on the grass. This is for people to know how good it is to go outside with family and friends and listen to evening music.

Have a Bit of Everything

For the song selection, make it a relaxing time for your audience. Make sure that you have songs for the younger generations as well as the older ones. Do not overflow them with all metal or all rap songs as this will be an avenue for them to bond and you would want them to come back.

Other Resources

Aside from the concert itself, you can have friends sell stuff on booths and income generating activity. For your potty needs, you can access for information on how to setup your toilet, you can also use this as another fund raiser by asking for minimum payment when people need to use it.

If you see that people enjoy the music, the company and environment, start charging them the bare minimum just so you could cover your expenses.