Facts about Heroin

April 26, 2014

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Heroin is a highly addictive substance normally smoked, snorted, or injected. It comes by various names: Big H, Brown Sugar, Hell Dust, Nose Drops, and Skag. Once taken in, the substance enters the human brain at a very quick pace. The effect is a slowing down of thought and reaction patterns. Decision-making ability is impaired. Memory loss is a common side effect.

Heroin is a high cause of drug abuse deaths. Users often resort to crime and violence. Other effects of heroin are nausea, some vomiting. Heart functioning slows down, as well as the breathing, in instances these two effects cause death. The user may become oblivious to pain. Pregnant females can suffer from a sudden abortion.

Injecting heroin increases the risk for contracting Hepatitis, AIDS, and other diseases brought about by the use of infected needles. Once contracted, the sufferer may pass on the disease to a sexual partner and to his or her newborn.

Kurt Cobain was a user, taking heroin for stomach pains. He often had sessions together with Courtney Love, feeding each other’s addictions. Both have overdosed on numerous occasions. Kurt turned suicidal, eventually dying from a gunshot wound. Love continued with the addiction.

Nikki Sixx also overdosed on numerous occasions, declared legally dead in some instance, for at least two minutes. He was revived via 2 adrenaline shots onto the heart. A song “Kickstart to the Heart” was a by-product of this experience. Nikki is a bassist for metal bands. He later wrote an autobiography about his addictive ways.

John Frusciante, a talented member of Red Hot Chili Peppers, was a user. He was outed by band mates because of his addiction, after which, he played guitar for others. John died from the addiction. Keith Richards was uncontrollable. Attempts to have him rehabilitated were to no avail. His career suffered major loss because of this addiction. Sid Vicious was a bassist for Sex Pistols. He also had sessions with his girlfriend, Nancy. In one instance, He stabbed Nancy while under the influence. She died from the incident, and Vicious later committed suicide via heroin overdose.

Heroin use is very dangerous. Commit your loved one to therapy now. See http://www.inpatientdrugrehabtalk.com/ for more help.