Imagine Dragons is Into Sports!

April 16, 2014

Entertainment, Music

Imagine Dragons is an alternative rock band recently entering the public music scene in 2012 with its first official release of the album ‘Night Visions’. With the release of the group’s debut album came continual success, singles were topping the charts and Imagine Dragons and their song titles have started becoming a common household topic, most especially among teens.

rock-bandIn less than three years, the band has risen to the ranks of big-time pop rock bands. On radio, they dominate the Top 40 rankings, live appearances were being scheduled on air and in various festival and tour circuits. Indeed, band members have proven that they do belong to the music world. From the time ‘Night Visions’ came out, life has never been the same for the quartet. Engagements left and right occupy them, in fact, the group has been on tour from last year. If you haven’t watched them in concert yet, check for a date and venue near you.

It’s interesting that besides talk of music, group members can talk sports as well. Imagine Dragons talks with recently and stuff about sports came out. Daniel Platzman, drummer for the band, confesses that he is a fan of Steph Curry, the player for Golden State Warriors. Daniel thinks if there is a song of theirs that fits Steph and the team, it would be ‘Underdog’. He is mesmerized with how Steph plays and with how he can navigate through blockages and land a sure shot.

NBA talks would always include LeBron James, he is a bona fide icon in the world of basketball. Imagine Dragons were happy and honored to hear that LeBron’s pre-game prep is to listen to the band’s hit song ‘Radioactive’. “That was really cool. Im a big fan of LeBron”, Dan comments, mentioning that he and his high school buddies watched LeBron’s documentary back then.

Wayne Sermon, the band’s guitarist, also talked about baseball, about loving the sport, and about how he roots for the Cubs to someday win the World Series. Wayne recalled how the band was given the first pitch of the game last year at Chicago’s Cubs, Wrigley Field. ‘It was exciting, it was a near disaster, but it went okay’, he said.