Justin Moore Talks about Music and Life

March 20, 2014

Entertainment, Music

justin-mooreHit maker Justin Moore was recently interviewed about his current tour, his love of country music, and his personal background. He comfortably opened up about his roots. Coming from Arkansas, he grew up with country music and has always been a fan; but with regards to doing it himself and going into music, he got started at seventeen years old; he was a junior in high school then. The town he is from only has about three hundred people actually, and the prospect of becoming a music star is not that realistic. His father saw how gifted he was and encouraged him. Moore remembers the time when he was about to go to college, his father asked him if he wanted to go into music for a profession. It was then actually that he realized that he indeed could become a country music artist for a living.

Justin Moore says country music is very close to his heart. He grew up with it; out of six radio shows, only one of them wouldn’t be country. Country music is life in reality, it touches and sings about real people, talking about what people do, where they’re going, what they are facing, their struggles, hopes, and dreams. Blue collar people especially can relate to country music.

When it came to writing songs, he was unsure at first. He wondered what kind of music he had to make that will please people, and that would be easily understood and accepted by them. He thought that if he wrote about personal stuff, about things that came from his own heart and experiences, the public wouldn’t be able to relate. His growing experience in the music industry now proves otherwise. He observed that the more honest he is thru music and the more personal he became in making music, people could relate more. If the message was personal to him, then it’s personal to the millions of people who will get to hear it.

On his new album, ‘Off the Beaten Path’, he comments that his roots are indeed traditional country. However, through the album, he is able to experience and showcase personal growth in craft and song interpretation. He desires to grow his fan base and with the new album, the subtle evolution of ‘Justin Moore’ will pleasantly surprise country music fans.

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