Katy Perry Talks About Costumes

April 3, 2014


Katy Perry is on the February 2014 cover of GQ magazine! Expect cool outfits and poses from the pop star. Her clothing always stirs up a lot of hype, soliciting comments and opinions everywhere. Check out more katy perry costume here.

The GQ mag interview addressed a particular costume Katy Perry wore at a performance at the past AMA last November, a geisha costume. Perry said her every intention was to pay homage to the country, there was no wrong or negative motivation whatsoever. She said she loves Japanese culture and was caught by surprise at the controversy the chosen costume caused. For her, Geishas are all about love and loving unconditionally; to her, the AMA performance paid tribute to Japan and the beauty of its place and culture.

Many accused her of being racist and she received the ire of social network active folks. People took to Twitter and Facebook commenting how ignorant she was and insensitive. Others felt insulted because her wardrobe wasn’t really country specific, rather, it was a mix and match Japanese-Chinese culture.  Indeed, the wardrobe was quite confusing. Kimonos never expose the chests, neither the sides of the legs. However, the rest of the wardrobe and cosmetic enhancement were true to Japanese Kimono attire.

People should hold their tongues for a sec and give Katy Perry a chance.  She wore an outfit for a performance, and she has every liberty to make changes to her wardrobe as she sees fit. Side slits definitely allow for better movement during performance, and with the chest exposure, well, maybe she was just staying true to her kind of clothing, one that breezes air in thru the chest.

Folks ought to be reminded that Katy Perry works for the entertainment industry. She is an artist, very creative and innovative.  It might be a serious issue if she were some official, or some known representative of Japan or of its culture, but she was there at the AMA as an artist, to perform, to inspire, and to invoke creativity among those who were present. With a flawless performance, she may have accomplished all that.

If you like her as a performer then don’t let any ‘unnecessaries’ stop you from enjoying her performances. Just go see her perform.  Katy Perry Zone  has lots of info on the pop star, tours and all; check it out.