Personalize Your Home Recording Studio

April 7, 2014

Music, News

As an artist you want everything that surrounds you to be statements of your brand of art. Musicians have a world of symphonies inside them that needs the right environment to be channeled. Just look at Googleplex; the work environment is conducive to out-of-the-box thinking and therefore can lead to innovative ideas.

Here are some tips you can keep in mind in designing your home recording studio to the best it can be:

Stay True to Your Personality

If you are a metal head you won’t place cute little pink cushions at the corner of your room. If you’re into classic music you won’t hang Justin Bieber posters on your wall. This is not to be stereotypical; the point is your studio should say a lot about your personality. This can inspire you with more ideas and get you into that zone of limitless musical genius. Perhaps you can hang an artwork that inspires you or a portrait of an artist that most motivate you.

Combine Functionality with Aesthetics

So you purchased studio equipment like monitors, MIDI controllers, headphones, microphones, cables, etc. Assemble these equipment in a convenient and aesthetically-pleasing way. Place them in strategic locations that will allow you to move around easily while keeping it all organized. Maybe you can get a table with a bit of character or use acoustic treatments that will also function as designs.

Details are Everything

Even the littlest details can make the difference. Those wood furniture legs  or wall hangings can set the mood of your studio. Choose carefully the accents you put in your room like the color and design of wall painting, chair, table, shelves, cornerfill cubes, and even the carpet.

Go for the Cheap

Setting up a home studio can be a royal pain in the pocket, but by luck you can get cheap deals for tables, chairs and other whatnots if you know where to look. You can get a nice, comfortable work table for under $100 in eBay and other discount stores. Look out for sales and secondhand stores. Or, even better, you can just reuse some of your existing furniture.