The Benefits of Staging Concerts for Dogs

April 3, 2014

Entertainment, News

Just like human beings, dogs love music. This is why a lot of dog lovers provide means for them to appreciate music. This is through concerts. In fact, several dog concerts have already been staged in various parts of the world.

According to studies, listening to music helps calm the dogs’ nerves. Music allows them to feel more relaxed especially if they are in a stressful environment. A movement called Through a Dog’s Ear has a mission of providing dogs with beautiful music that is well-designed to fit in the needs of the dogs. They create healthy sound environment not just for the dog but for the owners as well. By staging concerts for dogs, they also believe that it will serve as a perfect bonding experience for the owners and the dog.

Based on researches, dogs love listening to classical music. Creations of musicians such as Bach and Chopin are highly appreciated. Based on the results of their first stages of concerts, dogs have shown drastic improvement in terms of their health and behavior. In fact, dogs that attended these concerts started looking for soothing music at home.

There are a lot of reasons why dogs experience anxiety. It could be because of their environment. It could also be because of how they are being treated. The sounds they hear around them throughout the day also pose threats to their mental wellness. As such, their behavior is affected. However, despite what they are going through, they still have to ensure that they remain strong for their owners. Thus, it is time to give back to them. By letting them listen to special music, they start feeling better. Constant listening to soothing music will gradually restore their health.

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Our dogs deserve only the best in life. Whatever it takes to let them live their short lives to the fullest, we have to make it happen.