Tips on Hiring a Live Band for Your Event

November 5, 2016

Entertainment, Music

live-musicWithout a doubt, musical entertainment can add a lot of fun in an event, that’s why many hosts choose to hire bands for live entertainment. Guests can enjoy live music, crowd interaction and that personal touch especially if the performers accept song requests. Before hiring a live band, consider these tips to make a wise choice.

Consider recommendations

Cover bands might be different from your favorite band, so look for a versatile band that will make your event successful. Start by getting recommendations other event planners. These people might have hired bands and they are more likely to experience dealing with performers. They can tell you which cover band is suitable for your function. If some of your friends have hired bands before, you can also ask them for recommendations.

Check online

You can find almost anything online, including cover bands that offer their services for various functions. If there are reviews, read them and check out individual sites if there are any. Watch their video samples or visit their social media pages for feedback.

Contact the band

Once you have made a shortlist of the bands you are considering for your event, contact some of them. Send an email and see how they respond. Do they respond well? Do they provide complete information? These are good indications of their professionalism, giving you an idea of which band may work best for you. Speak with the manager, agent or bandleader and ask their availability or whether they have performed at a function similar to yours.

Watch them in action

Know their schedule and do your best to watch them play beforehand. Many professional Australian cover bands are booked throughout the year, so there are plenty of opportunities for you to watch them. If they have many bookings, that could be a good indication that they play well.

Talk about special songs

If you are holding an event for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, birthday, wedding or any other occasion, it is best to be vocal about song choices. Be honest with the band that you want them to include special songs on the repertoire, because that is probably the reason why you hired their service in the first place. Make sure to discuss the theme of the party with the band manager or leader.

Check the pricing

The number of band members and their experience may influence the price of hiring a band. Their prices may vary, but you can ask event planners so you can have an idea. Make sure to talk about it first before booking the band.

Whether you are looking for Adelaide cover bands or anywhere else in the country, their professionalism is as important as their talent. Gather as much information as you can about them if you don’t want your party to fail. Make sure to communicate easily with the leader and ask them for former clients or references. This should help you decide easily if it is best to book this band or not.